Monday, September 27, 2010

The Last Week in Review...Pictures

This has been a couple of busy weeks for us and I havent had a chance to post so I thought I would just update about what we have been up to recently.

A few weeks ago, I posted about review DNG's Expedition Africa here.

There was so much included in this study, we decided to extend it for a few weeks. We finished it up and here are a few shots from our time in Africa.

These are just a few of the books and videos we used. We learned so much!

These are a few shots from our finished lapbook. Missionaries, Geographical Features, and Animals....oh my!

We wrapped up our unit with a sweet treat from Africa...Egyptian Bread. And I mean sweet! If you know me, you know I love desserts but this one was even too sweet for me!

Rider was here visiting for the weekend...and we played, and played, and played. He is growing up so fast. Really talking now!

Dad & the boys are in the process of building a tree house and they started by adding a tire swing. I think this will turn into a several week project.

Fun Stuff!

Noah is adjusting to life in braces. He has done great!

The rest of the week has been spent in dentist appointments, getting in the school routine, major house cleaning, and decorating inside and out for fall. Oh yeah, I started & almost finished my Christmas shopping too! I love this time of year!!!!

Sometimes at the end of the day, you just need to relax!

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