Friday, September 10, 2010

Field Trip: 35th Annual SLC Greek Festival

We have spent the last week or so reviewing some of the World History topics we studied last year and Greece happened to be one of them. Conveniently enough, this coincided with the 35th Annual Salt Lake City Greek Festival. (I love it when that happens! )

Since we couldnt take a few months, and spend some time here....

We thought this would be the next best thing.

These pictures were taken inside The SLC Greek Orthodox Church- "Holy Trinity Cathedral" which hosts the festival.

This is the front of the church

The Baptismal Font

The Dome

Beautiful Stained Glass Windows depicting the life of Christ beginning at the Nativity and ending at the Day of Pentecost --these are just two of the 10 that line the sanctuary.

Photo-Op on the grounds

These were taken inside the tents where the Greek Music & Dance Performances take place.

And last but not least, the food.....

Spanakopitakia & Pastitsio

Souvlakia (Chicken & Pork) and Gyros

This was only a small sampling of some of the menu items. There were also unbelieveable amounts of pastries but I was waaaay to busy teaching my kids all about Greek history to get any photos of those....yeah right! I just got a little sidetracked with all the honey and sugar. Oops!

These kind of days are just one of the many reasons I love homeschooling.

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