Saturday, September 27, 2008

Getting Froggy

We spent this week studying frogs. Here are a few of the books we used:

We worked on a lapbook from over at HSS. This is a view from the front.

This is a shot of the left side. We have frog questions and answers on the lilies. We spent time talking about why frogs sing and the life cycle of frogs. You can also see our frog vocabulary words here.

This is the a view from the right....we have a fan book of frog facts and one of -og words. We learned about what is prey for the frog and who their predators are. We also compared tadpoles and frogs, as well as, frogs and toads.

This is the back has a frog that we labeled.

Interesting Fact we learned this week:
You can tell the male & female frogs apart by the size of their ears!
Links we used:
Froggyville online frog games
Frogland All about frogs
Check out frog photos and sounds here

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