Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dinosaur Unit

We finished up our dinosaur unit today. The boys really enjoyed it and we all learned alot. Here are some of the books we used. We also used the Creation-Based Unit & Lapbook over at HSS.

On the left flap, we talked about what God created on each day. We also completed a mini book about reptiles. The are also several matchbook vocabulary. We read in Job 40 about the Behemoth and if that might have been a dinosaur. There is also a pocketful of different dinosaurs.
On the right side, we talked about the dinosaurs diets and completed a graph comparing sizes of several different dinosaurs. We also discussed what might have happened to the dinosaurs. For Grammar, we talked about adjectives and added them to the dino outlines.
On the back, there is Dinosaur World Tab Book showing which continents certain dinosaur bones have been discovered.
Some other Resources we used:

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