Sunday, November 7, 2010


We have been learning all about Vikings for the past several weeks.

We used Usborne's Time Traveller Book as the spine for our study. I also used this website as an outline for our unit. There are lots of great information, printables and videos here!

We spent some time learning about Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky and their contributions to exploration.

Homeschool Share has a great Multi-Book Viking Unit and Lapbook that we printed as well. And in case you dont know, it is TOTALLY FREE!

Here is the front of our lapbook. I used a pocket folder rather than a file folder this time. There is a Viking Timeline, Vikings were mini book (which contains adjectives ), and a Home of the Vikings booklet.

This in the first set of pages inside, which includes info on runes, landforms, and navigation.

The second set of pages had a Leif Ericcson biography page and map, female viking responsibilities, kinds of food they ate, and how they preserved meat.

This set of pages includes Weaponry, Occupations, Fighting Clothes, and the Long ship.

The last set of pages have mini books about education, superstitions, story telling, and long houses.

We had a great time and learned a ton!

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