Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DNG's Expedition Canada Review

I have been so excited to be on the review team for Amanda Bennett’s Download N Go series. Every title has been fun and exciting. My boys can hardly wait to find out the newest title we will get to use. This week we received DNG’s Expedition Canada. So it’s time to learn about our neighbors to the north!

Let me tell you about these DNG units in general and then I will give you a little more information about Expedition Canada specifically.

Each DNG unit is geared to children K-4 but could easily be expanded to use with older children. Planning and Preparation is so easy because all the work is done for you. Everything you need is included – websites, videos, fun activities, and lapbook pieces. You could easily expand on it if you choose with more books and rabbit trails or you can use it as is and have a wonderful study. I spend about 30 minutes over the weekend looking over the unit, printing, putting books on hold, and cutting lapbook pieces. (I always cut them out ahead of time and sort them by day. Some might think there is a lot of printing but you can print as much or little of the materials as you decide. I print all the lapbook pieces and some activity pages and the rest we work on orally together. It works out perfectly.

Expedition Canada is broken down into 5 days/objectives:

Day 1: Where on Earth Is Canada?

Day 2: Some of the Special Places of Canada

Day 3: A Bit of History

Day 4: Special Things to Know About Canada

Day 5: Fun and Games in Canada

Each day is filled with gorgeous videos, geographic features, animals, inventions, explorers, and much, much more. You and your children will even learn a little French! There are also lots of optional activities included such as recipes, games, and puzzles.

This is the third DNG unit in the Expedition Series that we have used and I am always so amazed at how in depth and thorough the studies are. Expedition Canada is a fun and engaging way to expand your children’s knowledge of our world. I think my boys may become world travelers, thanks to this series! As a homeschool mom, I love to see their passions ignited.

What a blessing for busy homeschool families to have these units available to them and at such a reasonable price too. I recommend them to everyone I know!

***Disclosure Statement*** I was given a free copy of this product in exchange for an honest review.

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