Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spiders, a Snake, and an Owl

The boys newest facination is with all things spider. So I put together a little unit just in time for Halloween. These are not my favorite of all God's creature but I hate to miss a learning opportunity!

Here are some of the books we used this week.

We learned about several different kinds of spiders and what kinds of webs they use. As well as, how they use camouflage, and how beneficial they are to humans and the environment.

Conventiently enough, the library had a presentation scheduled with our local nature center and the guests of honor were...spiders! I love those kind of "coincidences"!

And just for fun..... a snake.

and an owl.

We also used several of the lapbooks components from Homeschool Share.

Spider Room has some fun spider activites and quizzes and you can find lots of spider info on Spiderz Rule.

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