Friday, January 30, 2009

Ancient Egypt....YUM!

In history, we have been learning all about ancient Egypt. So we decided it would be fun to make a cookie dough map of all the places we have been visiting.

The boys really enjoyed this project!

We used blue frosting for the Nile River and the Red Sea.
The green frosting was the fertile "black land" created by the inundation.

Hersheys Kisses=The Great Pyramids & Sphynx
M &M's= different cities along the Nile
Chocolate Chips= The Valley of the Kings

Noah's finished product, which as soon as this photo was taken, decided to add to it to make the imaginary village of "Acatare"! LOL!

Here is Micah's you can tell by the chocolate on his face, he ate as much as he placed on his map!

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