Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's a Brand New Year....

School year that is. I've taken a year off from blogging but am excited to get back to it as we begin our new year. So first things first!

Our 2012-13 School Plans:

Josh (11th Grade):

Notgrass Exploring World History
TT Geometry
Apologia Chemistry
NDT Course (taught by dad)
Vocabulary from Classical Roots

Noah (6th Grade) & Micah (4th Grade):

History-Sonlight Core D (American History Pt 1)
Math- Horizons
LA- Sonlight, IEW, Vocab from Classical Roots, Growing with Grammar
Bible- NT-Gods Great Covenant OT-Grapevine
Science-Sonilight D-Biology, Taxonomy, & Human Anatomy
Five in a Row (choosing from all 4 volumes)
Various Unit Studies based on interest (first up: Elections)
Art- Great Artists, Sketch Tuesday, Various

Our school year starts Sept, 4th. Cant wait!!!

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