Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Reading Challenges

I have decided to join a couple of Reading Challenges this year. If you know us well at all, you know we are a family of book lovers! I was able to read 101 books last year and it was a wonderful experience! These are the 3 I have decided on for this year. I will be keeping track (or trying to) of all the books we read on this post. I want to keep a running list of the books I read myself and also the books I read to the kids. This last one should be easy this is hands-down my favorite genre! I am going for Severe Bookaholism (20 Books) These selections will be marked with ** If you are interested in joining me, click on the links above. As always, so many great books--so little time! Books I've read:

1. Love Brought Me Back -Natalie Cole

2. Choosing to See - Mary Beth Chapman

3. A Mighty Long Way: My Journey to Justice at Little Rock Central High School - LaNier

4. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie - Alan Bradley

5. Almost Heaven-Chris Fabry

6. I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy-Angie Smith

7. Passing by Samaria-Sharon Elwell Foster **

8. The Lake of Dreams-Kim Edwards

9.The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag-Alan Bradley

10. The Confession-John Grisham

11. Inconceivable- Carolyn & Sean Savage

12. The Cellist of Sarajevo-Steven Galloway **

13. Jane-April Lindner

14. Room-Emma Donoghue

15. Chains- Laurie Halse Anderson **

16. Forge-Laurie Halse Anderson **

17. The Secret Life of Bees -Sue Monk Kidd

18. Half Broke Horses-Jeannette Walls

19. Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins

20. Still Alice- Lisa Genova

21. Over a Thousand Hills I Walk with You- Hanna Jansen

22. Sally Hemmings-Barbara Chase-Riboud

23. The Good Daughter: A Memoir of my Mothers Hidden Life- Jasmin Darznik

24. MockingJay- Suzanne Collins

25. Catching Fire- Suzanne Collins

Books I've read to the kids (chapter books):

1. A Heart Strangely Warmed - Louise A. Vernon **

2. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever- Barbara Robinson

3. George Washingtons World-Genevieve Foster

4. Strawberry Girl- Lois Lenski **

5. Magic Tree House Research Guide-Knights and Castles -Osborne

6. The Mistrel in the Tower-Gloria Skurzynski **

7. Dr Jenner and the Speckled Monster-Albert Marrin

8. Mary Jones & Her Bible-Mary Ropes **

9. Castle Diary-Richard Platt **

10. The Tales of Robin Hood-Usborne **

11. The Door in the Wall- Marguerite de Angeli **

12. Great Expectations-Charles Dickens **

13. The Cricket in Times Square

14. Banner in the Sky -James Ramsey Ullman

15. The Apprentice

16. Abraham Lincolns World-Genevieve Foster

17. The Singing Tree- Kate Seredy**

Books I've read to the kids (picture books):

1. The Snow Speaks -Nancy Carlstrom

2. It's Winter - Linda Glaser

3. Animals in Winter-Henrietta Bancroft & Richard Van Gelder

4. The Story of Snow -Mark Cassino

5. When Winter Comes -Nancy Van Laan

6. Snow Sounds -David A Johnson

7. What Happens in Winter - Sara L Latta

8. Snow is Falling -Franklyn M. Branley

9. Winter - Kay Barnham

10. Snowflake Bentley - Jacqueline Briggs Martin

11. Winter is the Warmest Season -Lauren Stringer

12. Winter Lullaby-Barbara Seuling

13. Snow, Snow, Snow - Lee Harper

14. The Snowflake-A Water Cycle Story- Neil Waldman

15. Knights in Shining Armor - Gail Gibbons

16. Castles -Usborne

17. Maps & Globes - Jack Knowlton

18. Saint George and the Dragon-Margarret Hodges

19. Take Care, Good Knight-Shelley Moore Thomas

20. The Knight and the Dragon-Tomie DePaola

21. What is the Moon Like - Franklyn Branley

22. The Moon Seems to Change- Franklyn Branley

23. A Picture Book of George Washington- David Adler

24. George-isms-George Washington

25. Cells are Us- Dr. Fran Balkwill

26. George Washington:Farmer, Soldier, President-Pamela Hill Nettleton

27. Enjoy Your Cells-Fran Balkwill & Mic Rolph

28. What if You Met a Knight? - Jan Adkins

29. Take the Lead, George Washington-Judith St. George

30. Lets Explore a Castle-Nicholas Harris

31. Ireland-Libby Koponen

32. Marguerite makes a Book-Bruce Robertson

33. Planet Earth-Leonie Pratt (Usborne Beginners)

34. Catch the Wind! All about Kites-Gail Gibbons

35. Kites Magic Wishes that Fly up to the Sky- Demi

36. Lets Fly a Kite-Stuart J Murphy

37. Kite Flying- Grace Lin

38. Michaelangelo - Diane Stanley

39. Good Queen Bess- Diane Stanley

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