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DNG Creation Camouflage Review and Giveaway

Do you have animal lovers in your house? Then Creation Camouflage is the DNG you have to try! We have enjoyed our week learning all about how animals use camouflage to “eat or avoid being eaten”. What an amazing Creator we have!

Let me tell you about these DNG units in general and then I will give you a little more information about Creation Camouflage specifically.

Each DNG unit is geared to children K-4 but could easily be expanded to use with older children. Planning and Preparation is so easy because all the work is done for you. Everything you need is included – websites, videos, fun activities, and lapbook pieces. You could easily expand on it if you choose with more books and rabbit trails or you can use it as is and have a wonderful study. I spend about 30 minutes over the weekend looking over the unit, printing, putting books on hold, and cutting lapbook pieces. (I always cut them out ahead of time and sort them by day. Some might think there is a lot of printing but you can print as much or little of the materials as you decide. I print all the lapbook pieces and some activity pages and the rest we work on orally together. It works out perfectly.

Take a look at some of the sample pages here.

Creation Camouflage is filled with fascinating videos about interesting animals with unique abilities to survive in their specific habitats. We learned about rain forests, deserts, oceans, and the tundra. As well as, an author and several conservationists. Each day you will focus on a specific animal and the way they use adaptation to survive.

Here are a few of the titles we used for our studies. There is a very extensive list included in each DNG unit.

Each unit is broken down into 5 days/objectives:

Day 1: Hiding in Plain Sight
Day 2: Getting to Know the Rain Forest
Day 3: What Is in the Desert?
Day 4: Hiding in the Ocean
Day 5: Cool Things About the Tundra

We have completed several of the Download N Go units and I am always amazed at how much is included in each unit but not in an overwhelming way and this one is no exception. The information is presented in an inviting way and the layout is bright and attractive. The lapbook is a great keepsake and can be used for later review. It is a great way to keep a record of all your studies.

Here are some shots of our lapbook.

One of the things I love so much about these DNG units is that there is so much meat in them. This is another study we could have easily spent four weeks digging deeper into; but because it is totally self contained and easy to complete, we were able to use it as is. So that when life happens, as it often does, (for us that meant an unexpected death in the family and a trip out of state) I could still give my kids an interesting and well planned lesson. One less thing to stress about! I love that!

I found both of these books at our library and my boys really enjoyed them and they went with this unit so well.

I would gladly recommend these Download & Go Units to anyone. You can order them individually for $7.95 each. These are just a few of the titles they offer!

And if you just can’t decide, you can purchase them in bundles at a discounted price!

You can also check out the DNG Blog for all the latest information and specials.

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Creation Camouflage is on sale December 13th-18th for only $5.95. Check it out here. You can also enter to win a cute National Geographic Tree Frog Mouse Pad.

Now for the giveaway! I have been given the opportunity to giveaway one copy of DNG’s Creation Camouflage!

Leave me a comment about your favorite animal that uses camouflage! Be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you should you be the lucky winner.

For a second chance to win, become a follower of my blog and leave a separate comment that you did.

The winner will be announced December 23rd, 2010.

***Disclaimer Statement: We were provided a copy of this product, free of charge, for the purpose of writing an honest review on my blog. The opinions expressed here are those of my children or myself.***

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