Monday, August 23, 2010

2010-2011 School Plans

Here is a glimpse into what we have planned for this school year!

For 9th grade:

World History Part 2- Sonlight Core 7

Bible-Sonlight Core 7

Algebra 1- Teaching Textbooks

English-Easy Grammar/Daily Grams, Hands-on Essays, Painless Poetry, Wordly Wise

Literature-Sonlight Core 7, PP Literature Guides

Biology 1-Apologia

Spanish-Rosetta Stone

Drivers Ed-

Computer Skills-

Misc/Review (as needed): Brain Benders, Keys to Good Language, IEW, Book Reports

For 4th & 2nd grade:

We work on History, Bible, & Science together and then they each work on their own level in the other subjects.

History-Sonlight Core 2

Bible-Sonlight Core 2 & Awanas

Language Arts-Sonlight, Growing with Grammar, Handwriting, Wordly Wise, Explode the Code

Science- Sonlight Core 2

Art- Draw then Write, Artistic Pursuits, Sketch Tuesday

Math-Teaching Textbooks

Misc/Review (as needed): Brain Benders, Journals, Computer Skills, Reading

We also add in unit studies based on our interests or what we are studying at the time from Download & Go and FIAR.

Should be a great year!!!!

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Luke said...

Looks like it will be a great year! May it be your best year yet [smile].



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