Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Have you heard about workboxes yet? We started using them at the end of the last school year. So far it has been huge success. We are accomplishing much more in our day and getting in all that fun stuff we never seem to get around to. The kids know exactly what is expected of them and when they will be finished.
What are workboxes you ask? Sue Patrick created a system using plastic boxes to hold assigned work. She has a book you can purchase that explains the whole set up.
Here are some photos of our workboxes...each box contains a different assignment. It can be math or it might be something fun like Wii Fit.
The boxes are numbered 1 to 12 and you proceed in order until you have completed each box.

If you notice the pink cards on some of the boxes, they are "Work with Mom" cards. If the box has one of these cards attached to it, mom will help/explain the assigned tasks. Sue includes number cards, etc in her book.

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